Jim Parkinson

5 September 2003


Jim Parkinson Photograph © 1999 Mark Eastman

Chances are if you’ve been to the newsstand you have seen this designer’s work but were unaware of it.

Although logotype and typeface design permeate the culture we live in, this kind of work is often one of the less-celebrated areas of design. It’s estimated that there are probably about 400 people worldwide who currently make their living designing and producing typefaces. Jim Parkinson is one of these unique individuals. Over the past 25 years, Parkinson has produced mastheads and typefaces for major magazines and newspapers in the United States and abroad. Additionally, he has designed a number of distinctive display and text typefaces that reflect his expertise in the realm of letterforms. He is jovial, easy going and has a great deal of knowledge about lettering and typography.

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Prolific output 05/09/2003
Parkinson develops faces for a range of type distributors including Adobe, FontFont, ITC and Font Bureau

Going digital 05/09/2003
Changes in technology open new opportunities, reworking faces for the San Francisco Chronical

Early years 05/09/2003
Childhood influences, Hallmark and meeting Hermann Zapf


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